Stained Concrete Houston

Presenting one of the hidden gems when it comes to providing you with the flooring solution you have always wanted. Our stained concrete solutions will leave you wondering what took you so long to have them laid. The clean, sleek, aesthetically pleasing look is perfectly balanced with the practical solutions offered by concrete to provide our clients with the ultimate flooring solution. If we have managed to pique your interest just a bit, please take a minute to learn a little more about our industry-leading, stained concrete solutions. We are always ready and waiting to share this little gem.

Preparation Is Everything

By far the biggest reason for concrete stained floors going wrong is a simple fact that the surface has not been properly prepared. In a rush to get the job done, it will just end up costing you more money. To combat this we always follow our patented 4-step process to ensure excellence and most importantly consistency. Now we are not going to openly share this secret with the world, but if you would like to experience it for yourself, you know what you have to do. Our experts are ready and waiting to show you how things should be done.


This is where concrete and by extension stained concrete simply puts its competition out of its misery. This solution will not crack, chip, or fade if professionally poured. This essentially means the solution will last and so will the overall style. Combine this with the extra levels of protective coatings can offer and you have an aesthetically pleasing solution. Polishing will also give it added protection against spills and stains. Now were we lying when we said this was the solution for you? Know that we have shown you we know what we are talking about, call us immediately.

Stained Concrete VS Epoxy Flooring

Both of these solutions offer pretty much the same advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using them as a flooring solution. Since we are experts in both. We strongly believe that it comes down to personal choice and taking into account which one would be best suited to providing you with the flooring solution you want. Especially when it comes to overall look and style. So no matter which one you may feel suits you best, you can rest assured that we will be able to deliver precisely what you want. No matter what it may take.

It Must Be Sealed

The biggest mistake people make is trying to save a buck by skipping out on having their concrete flooring solution sealed. We will admit is some cases it also comes down to the contractor. Not only does this process add yet another protective layer to your beautifully stained concrete floor, but it also enhances the overall beauty of the floor. Leaving it looking flawless and smooth as ice. Here at Epoxy Flooring Of Houston, we will not leave until you have let us seal your stained concrete floor. It is just a non-negotiable. For the best solutions, money can buy, call the best today.

construction worker smoothing wet cement with trowel tools
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